I'm a twenty something Melburnian Makeup Artist who loves colour, beauty and creative flair (plus the odd fancy cocktail!)

I discovered as a young girl - trying as young girls do to beautify myself - that there was a little more skill to applying makeup than simply whacking on some lippy!

With a little help (and trust) from my gal pals I frequently took to them with some colour and a brush and so my passion was born!

I have since managed to formalise things a few times over with diplomas, certificates,  and extensive courses but as we all know the true art of any craft comes to light with both practice and relevant experience.

I have worked many events… too many weddings to count (still waiting for mine lol) plus some amazingly memorable photoshoots!

My love for travel has taken me around the globe where I was able to explore my love of makeup and gain some incredible inspiration from some of the most renowned artists! 

For bookings and any enquires about your makeup needs, please get in touch :)

Sarah xx